inventory management / distribution

Inventory Management & Distribution Services

Finding the best fruits, vegetables and ingredients is just as important as getting them to you on time, in an ideal selling condition, safely and consistently. To accomplish this, you need first class inventory and distribution services in locations convenient to your place of business.

At Plum Group Foods, our expanding warehouse and distribution network ensures you have the local and regional inventory on hand at all times, backed by the transportation, logistics and supply chain management services you need to coordinate your order fulfillment.

Don't see one of our distribution centers near you? Ask us. We'll do whatever it takes to get the finest food ingredients to you in the most efficient manner.

Vendor Managed Inventory Programs

Our vendor managed inventory programs effectively shrink our worldwide network to fit your local operation. Whatever your needs are, we can tailor a program to meet your needs, scheduling just-in-time deliveries by the truckload, pallet or case, to reduce your carrying costs, improve your business planning and enhance your customer satisfaction.